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• Fully Adjustable from 100mm-300mm M10 Fixing Bolts to Align with the Majority of Wash Basin Fixing Distances

• Large enough to Spread the Load, Small enough to be Covered by even the Slimmest of Wash Basins

• The Height Installation can be Fine Tuned, as can the Horizontal Level

• The Whole Wash Basin can be Moved, Left or Right if necessary

• Excellent for Stud Walls or where your Wall is of Poor Quality

• 15qty, 6mm Countersunk Multiple Fixing Points

• 65mm Length Bolts as Standard. 120mm Optional for Deep Installation

sinkfix sink

Wash Basin Fixing Kit

Wash Basins can be upwards of 25Kgs so securing a decent fixing is necessary. The traditional method of securing a Wash Basin to a Wall is to drill two large 14mm holes and screwing screw-studs into them, however you may have poor quality brickwork or soft mortar even obtaining a perfect horizontal level and spacing can be tricky as the drill may wander or other factors can cause the holes not to be exactly correct.

With SinkFix this is now a thing of the past. The plate has multiple fixing points so you are guaranteed to get a good fixing somewhere on your wall, or if fixing to a plasterboard wall it is more likely to find a position for a wooden stud.

The Strengthened M10 bolts can be adjusted up to 300mm apart therefore fitting the majority of Wash Basins on the market. Even after the Basin has been fitted it can be fine tuned in both the horizontal and vertical planes using our specially designed ‘wing’ nylon bushings.

SinkFix Original (available from Amazon) comes with an additional sound proof IXPE protection sheet to stop noise transference and protect the back of the wash basin.